Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice

·    2 cups of basmati rice
·    1 cup of coconut milk (canned coconut milk works well)
·    1 cup grated coconut
·    4 tbsp split cashew nuts
For the tadka (seasoning)
·    1/2 tsp ground ginger or paste
·    1 tsp mustard seeds
·    1 tsp split urad dal
·    1 tsp chana dal
·    3 dry chillies
·    1 or 2 green chillies
·    1 pinch asafoetida / hing
·    1 stalk curry leaves
·    1 tbsp oil
1.    Cook rice in 1.5 cups of water and 1 cup of coconut milk. Set aside.
2.    Roast the cashews till they are crispy brown. Set aside.
3.    Prepare the seasoning:
a.     In a pan, heat 2 tbsp oil.
b.    Add mustard seeds and keep the pan covered till the mustard pops.
c.     Add chana dal and urad dal. Roast till they turn brown.
d.    Add the dry chilies, green chillies and the curry leaves and roast.
4.    Add coconut gratings and ginger paste to the seasoning. Roast until coconut gratings turn a light shade of brown.
5.    Add salt to taste.
6.    Mix cooked rice.
7.    Garnish with cashews.
8.    Serve hot. Enjoy!
Note: You don’t have to be a Jedi to prepare this dish.



Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi

1 cauliflower
3 medium sized potatoes
3 garlic cloves
One inch ginger

One teaspoon of ajwain seeds

1/8 teaspoon Turmeric powder

¼ teaspoons chilly powder


Chop three garlic cloves into small pieces


 ginger Peel and chop ginger.
Chop the cauliflower into medium size florets.  cauliflower
 peel-potatoes Peel the potatoes.
Cut the potatoes into slices that are around ¼ inch thick.  img_0104
 garlic-ginger-ajwain Heat three to five tablespoons of oil in a pan. Roast garlic. When garlic begins to brown, add ginger and ajwain seeds. Roast.
Add the chopped potatoes, roast lightly and add cauliflower. Mix well. toss-potato-cauliflower
 add-chili-turmeric Add the turmeric, the red chilly powder, and salt. Mix well.
Reduce flame to a low medium and cook covered. Adding water will not be necessary if you use a non-stick pan. cook-cauliflower-potatoes

Enjoy the Aloo Gobi with chapatis or parathas!

Rava Uppit


Rava Uppit (Upma) Recipe

1 cup fine rava (or sooji)
1 medium sized onion
1 green chilly
2 tablespoons chopped coriander leaves

2 tablespoons oil

Salt as required

2.5 cups water

For Tadka –

·      1 teaspoon mustard seeds

·      1 teaspoon chana dal

·      1 teaspoon urad dal

·      10 to 12 curry leaves

·      1⁄2 inch ginger grated or chopped finely


Chop onion finely.

Slit green chilly lengthwise.

Chop 1/2-inch ginger.

Wash and chop coriander leaves.

Heat a pan and dry roast rava until it turns slightly brown and becomes fragrant. Don’t over roast it. Transfer to a plate.


Roasted Rava.JPG
Tadka.JPG For Tadka – In a pan, heat 2 tbsp ghee or oil.

·      Add 1 tsp mustard seeds and keep the pan covered till the mustard pops.

·      Add 1 tsp chana dal and 1 tsp urad dal and fry till they are brown.

·      Add two dry red chilies and the curry leaves and roast them.

Next add the finely chopped onions. Sauté the onions till they become translucent.  roast-well
Add the chopped green chilly, ginger, curry leaves. Sauté for a minute.  
LemonJuice.JPG Add 1 tsp of lemon juice and 2 cups water to this mixture. Add salt as required.


On a medium to high flame, heat the water and let it come to a to a boil.

Lower the flame to its lowest and slowly add the roasted rava.

Make sure it doesn’t form clumps. Use a fork to stir as you pour the rava.


Add Rava.JPG
 Cover Cooked.JPG Cover and allow the rava uppit to steam for 4 to 5 minutes on low flame.


Switch off the flame. Add about 2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves and stir well.


 Add Corriander.JPG
Serve uppit with coconut chutney or lime slices or lime pickle.  

Enjoy the Rava Uppit!enjoy-uppit